So many Linkarnations - this print was a lot of fun to doooo~

Anonymous said: About your Anita post, that's my problem with feminism in the arts and video games. It lacks honesty. There is no passion in it. Take out prostitutes? Oh, so you want to pretend these things dont exist to make you comfortable? Like how immature mentally does a person have to be?


I don’t have an issue with the idea that female characters as sexy decoration are being used too much in gaming and should be toned down or reflected on.

But I do have an issue with being so desperate to label games as a problem that she’s basically trashing every “example” she can find. And completely disregarding context or how sometimes male characters acting sexist or rude, scantily clad women appearing and shady venues being a setting and such CAN be part of story telling and mood setting. (She used Mafia II as an example as well, and several other games where crime, corruption, and/or a scumbag attitude amongst shady characters is a plot device and a big part of portraying the world. It’s like going “murder is a bad thing, so I’m going to call out the Godfather for being problematic”.)

There are good examples of her trope and what she’s trying to say in general isn’t complete nonsense. But she’s undermining her argument by making it look like a story is only good enough when it’s portrayed as a social utopia or else she’ll reject it as part of the problem. Throwing pieces from games in her videos that with context make complete sense, aren’t as bad as she makes them out to be, or that have excellent writing. She doesn’t care about these worlds. She only cares about amplifying her point. This isn’t the type of person that should talk about portrayal of characters in gaming.


*gets stuck on a mission in a game* *doesn’t play for another 4234 years*



The tallest statue in the world, Ushiku Daibutsu.

this always gives me chills



Hyrule Warriors looks great


Chibi Raiden was accompanied by Raiden on his mission at Otakon this year XD

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